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CCASA County Champs 2015 Wk2

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07th and 08th March 2015
WE’VE DONE IT AGAIN!  Truro City were the top performing club in Cornwall at this year’s County Championship and have retained the Ellis Trophy.  

Roll call of honour for second weekend champsters – Matt Aldous-Horne, Luke Barnsley, Tom Barton, Alexander Beaumont, Robert Brittle, Roddy Brookes, James Carpenter, Vivienne Carveth, India Castle, Isabelle Corbett, Oscar Davies, Charlotte Drew, Finn Dungavel, Euan Dungavel, Louie Fowler-Beaton, Jake Georgelin, Jessica Georgelin, Chris Harris, Anya Hocking, Freya Hocking, Eleonor Hood, Laura James, Jodie Kotenko, Nicholas Laws, Issy Leigh, Maddison Lewis, Aaron Martyn, Ben Norton, Sam Norton, Tom Parker, Harry Polkinghorne, Nick Polkinghorne, Mikey Pond, Samir Poppy, Jack Rogers, Mia Rule, Leyton Salmon, Alex Sim, Tanni Smitham, Hannah Stephens, Thomas Trebilcock, Matt Trewhella.

The second weekend of Counties brought a thrilling finale to what has been a very successful County Championship for Truro City Swimming Club.  Again the atmosphere poolside was friendly and supportive with much cheering and congratulations all round and a chance for swimmers to forge closer bonds.  PBs tumbled, regional times and consideration times mounted up and everyone literally swam their hearts out. Up first for the boys at the Saturday session in Penzance was our superstar Harry Polkinghorne for the 9 year olds in the 200 freestyle.  Gold yet again and another CBT (County Best Time) by 9 seconds with a time of 2.35.71.  What better start could we have had.  Alex Sim made it 2 out of 2 golds for the 10s, Leyton Salmon close behind grabbing a cracking silver, with Mikey Pond taking silver and Sam Norton bronze for the 12s.   Nicholas Laws added another CBT by six seconds going sub two minutes with a 1.59.79 golden swim for the 14s with a bronze for Jack Rogers.  Yet more medals came Truros way with Euan Dungavel claiming silver and Oscar Davies bronze for the 15 year olds.  Chris Harris and Matt Trewhella rounded off the morning in style sealing their place in the senior finals.  The 200m breaststroke was the opening event for the girls and brought silver for Anya Hocking and bronze for India Castle for the 9s, gold for both Isabelle Leigh and Mia Rule in the 10s and 11s and a bronze for Jodie Kotenko for the 14s with near medal misses and stellar swims from Vivienne Carveth and Hannah Stephens.  The 100m backstroke for the boys brought a bronze for Sam Norton for the 12s, a gold and another stunning CBT for Nicholas Laws with silver for Jack Rogers for the 14s, Oscar Davies claimed bronze for the 15s and a place in the senior final for Chris Harris.  The session ended with the girls 100m butterfly and only one TC swimmer Jodie Kotenko for the 14 year olds notching up welcome points in fifth.   

The afternoon session began with the boys 200IM and a clutch of medals.  A trio of golds came for Alex Sim in the 10s, Luke Barnsley in the 11s and Sam Norton for the 12s.  The dynamic duo of Nicholas Laws and Jack Rogers for the 14s brought gold and a CBT for Nick with 2.22.53 and silver for Jack while Oscar Davies brought home a well fought silver for the 15s.  Matt AH and Chris Harris qualified for the senior final.   The girls 100m IM gave us golds for Anya Hocking for the 9s and Isabelle Leigh for the 10s, a silver for Mia Rule for the 11s and a bronze for Jodie Kotenko for the 14s.  The excitement of the boys 50m butterfly next and Harry Polkinghorne smashed it to take Gold and a CBT with 39.23.  Jake Georgelin for the 10s took a wonderful gold matched by Mikey Pond beasting his way to gold for the 12s.   Robert Brittle powered through to take bronze for the 13s and Nicholas Laws snatched another CBT from TCs Charlie Haynes and gold with 28.69 with Jack Rogers going sub 30 for bronze.  Oscar Davies took bronze for the 15s and Chris Harris and Matt T sealed their slots in the senior finals.  Straight into the excitement of the girls 50m freestyle and in this highly competitive race we managed medals from ages 9 to 12, Anya Hocking made it gold for the 9s, Isabelle Leigh bronze for the 10s, Mia Rule silver for the 11s and Tanni Smitham bronze for the 12s.  A great way to end the session before the thrill of the day’s finals.   

Nicholas Laws claimed a superb championship record and first place in the 200m freestyle junior final in a sub two minutes time of 1.59.45, four seconds off the old time.   Jack Rogers came sixth.  Chris Harris came third for the seniors and Matt T 6th.  Jodie Kotenko swam a stirring 200m breaststroke to come 3rd for the juniors.  Nicholas Laws took yet another Championship record in the 100m backstroke in a time of 1.02.39 with Jack Rogers in fifth.   With barely any time to recover between finals Nicholas Laws claimed a hat-trick of Championship records with a time of 2.17.80 for the 200IM with Jack Rogers in sixth.  Chris Harris came sixth for the seniors.  Jodie Kotenko came fourth in the 100IM junior final.  In their fourth final of the evening, Nicholas Laws took 2nd and Jack Rogers 5th in the 50m butterfly.  Chris Harris in 2nd and Matt T in 4th for the seniors rounded off another brilliant day of racing.  

The last day of Counties began in Bodmin with the 400m freestyle for the girls and gold for Truro in the first race from 9 year old Anya Hocking who has dominated her age group.  Isabelle Leigh for the 10s and Mia Rule for the 11s swam to bronzes with Freya Hocking and Jodie Kotenko narrowly missing out in 4th for the 12s and 14s.  200m backstroke next for the boys and silver for Alex Sim for the 10s, bronze for Luke Barnsley for the 11s, bronze for Roddy Brookes, silver for Jack Rogers for the 14s and Tom Barton sealed his slot in the senior final.  In the girls 50m backstroke a trio of bronzes for Isabelle Leigh in the 10s, Mia Rule in the 11s and Jodie Kotenko in the 14s.  The 100m freestyle for the boys brought us a one two for the 12 year old boys with Mikey Pond just touching into gold ahead of Sam Norton for silver.  Nicholas Laws took off two seconds to claim another CBT in 54.23 and gold for the 14s with Jack Rogers in bronze with 58.33.  Euan Dungavel narrowly missed out on bronze with a stunning 59.55.  Matt T ended the session and sealed his slot in the senior final.   

Just before the finals it was time for the presentations to be handed out for the top eight BAGCATs (British Age Group Category Awards) where points are awarded for swims across a range of distance to sprint to IM events.  For the 9 year old girls Anya Hocking was the clear winner and India Castle came 7th.  Harry Polkinghorne stormed to 1st place for the 9 year old boys with Louie Fowler-Beaton in 7th and George Mitchell in 8th.   Isabelle Leigh came 2nd for the 10 year old girls and Alex Sim 1st for the 10 year old boys with Leyton Salmon in 4th.  Mia Rule came 2nd in the 11 year old girls, Luke Barnsley 4th and Aaron Martyn 6th for the 11 year old boys.  Sam Norton came 1st for the 12 year old boys with Mikey Pond in 3rd and Roddy Brookes in 8th.  Jodie Kotenko came 5th for the 14 year old girls.  Nicholas Laws came 1st for the 14 year old boys and Jack Rogers 2nd.  Nicholas Laws has won the BAGCATs every year since he was 9.  Outstanding record.   

The final session began with the monster 400IM for the boys and a stirling swim from Aaron Martyn for the 11s to claim silver.  Sam Norton surged to gold for the 12s and Nicholas Laws took miles off the CBT to take gold in a time of 4.57.79 with Jack Rogers in silver.  No takers for the 200m girl’s butterfly we headed straight into the last boys event of the Counties the 50m breaststroke.  Harry Polkinghorne shattered the old CBT by 3 seconds to win gold in 44.01.  Golds followed with Luke Barnsley for the 11s, Sam Norton for the 12s and in a new CBT Jack Rogers with 33.09.  The 50m breast was rounded off by the fastest swim of the heats from Daddy Nick Polkinghorne who sealed his slot in the senior finals, a wonderful symmetry to the event.  The 100m breaststroke was the last girl’s event and a gold for Mia Rule and silver for Hannah Stephens in the 11s, silver for Vivienne Carveth in the 12s and silver for Jodie Kotenko.   

So to final finals!   Jack Rogers came 2nd in the junior 200 backstroke and Tom Barton fourth for the seniors.  Nicholas Laws did it again and took a Championship record in a time of 54.15 for the 100m freestyle with Jack Rogers in sixth.  Matt T came fifth for the seniors.  Jack Rogers stormed to a Championship Record for the junior 50m breaststroke in a time of 32.66 and Nick Polkinghorne won the senior final.  Jodie Kotenko rounded off this years Counties with a glorious 2nd in the 100m junior breaststroke final.   

These stunning individual results come off the back of those swimmers who took part in the distance events on the 7th February.  In the 800meters Mia Rule came second in the 11 year old girls and Jodie Kotenko second for the 14 year olds.  In the boys 1500m Sam Norton came 2nd for the 12s, Tom Leigh came 2nd for the 13s and Nicholas Laws swam a monster CBT for the 14s in 16.49.66 to seal gold followed by Euan Dungavel for the 15s to take gold.  Jack Middleton came second for the seniors.   


For the FULL results ,bagcat rankings etc have been emailed to all, also available to view on gala board or go the county
website at <Click Here>.

Article by Amanda Barnsley (Big thankyou to her)

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