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CCASA Masters 2016

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Huge well done to Team Truro’s Masters swimmers competing at the CCASA Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2016: from left to right they are Jack Middleton, Jeremy Salmon, Rohan Maynard, Kim Farmer, Mark Richards, Alison Russell, Cathy Ralph, and James Marshman Also competing was Alister Tawse.

Our Masters swimmers make up the cornerstone of the Team Truro family, many are parents or past parents of younger swimmers and some are key members of the coaching support and committee. This years Cornwall County ASA Masters and Senior Age Group Championships held at Bodmin Leisure Centre on Saturday 7 th May saw our swimmers triumph to retain the trophy for overall top club. They showed that anything the age group and youth swimmers can do they can do too, whether it be breaking records, winning (of which there were 29 first places) and of course chasing those elusive pbs - all with a dash of our trademark top Truro team spirit.

The official category of masters is over 25 years old but there has been an ASA appreciation that this age restriction neglected an important age group for 18-24 year olds now called Senior Age Group. The idea is to encourage young athletes 18 years and over, to continue to swim competitively, although they cannot enter the European Masters and other formal Masters events until they are 25. Our Truro Team included one senior swimmer James Marshman (22 years old) and the club would like to encourage our other senior swimmers to participate both at county level this year, but also interclub level next year.

Cathy Ralph helped organise the Masters gala with the invaluable help of our president John Likeman, and said of the event, "The senior age group and masters gala is an opportunity to unite athletes who share a love of swimming. Whilst the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, it is competitive. There is a feeling of great respect for the older  swimmers and an environment that supports swimmers to participate, regardless of ability.

I would hope all those that swam, both from Truro City and other clubs in Cornwall and Devon,  felt a sense of achievement and individual pride. Next year I would like to run an open event to encourage masters swimmers from all over the country to compete. More entries would allow longer recovery times between events and if licensed,  times can be gained for formal masters events.

Here’s the breakdown of Team Truro’s results:
Rohan Maynard for the 25-29 womens came first in the 400m freestyle, second in the 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle and 100m butterfly
Kim Farmer in the 45-49 womens entered a staggering 10 individual events and 2 relays, came first in the 50m butterfly, 200m backstroke, 200m IM, second in the 100m
backstroke, 50m freestyle, 100 IM, 50m backstroke and third in the 50m breaststroke, 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke
Cathy Ralph for the 50-54 womens came first in the 100m backstroke, 50m backstroke second in the 100m freestyle, 100IM and third in the 50m freestyle
Alison Russell for the 55-59 womens came first in all her events: the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m IM, 50m backstroke
James Marshman 18-24 mens came first in all his events: 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m IM
Jack Middleton in the mens 25-29 came first in all his events: 200m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 50m backstroke
Jeremy Salmon in the 40-44 mens came first in all his events: 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 100m IM, 100m breaststroke
Alister Tawse in the 45-49 mens came second in the 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle, and third in the 50m butterfly
Mark Richards in the 50-55 mens won all his events: 400m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle

The team of Catherine Ralph, Kim Farmer, James Marshman and Jeremy Salmon came first in the 200m mixed medley relay.
The team of Rohan Maynard, Kim Farmer, Jack Middleton and Mark Richards came first in the 200m freestyle relay.
New County Masters records were achieved by: Kim Farmer in the Ladies 45-49 category for 200m backstroke 3.19.91 and 200m IM 3.29.45; Rohan Maynard in the Womens 25-29
category for 400m freestyle 5.04.54 and Mark Richards in the Mens 50-55 category for 400m freestyle 5.20.57

Well done to the Masters. Thanks for inspiring us.

If anyone thinks they would like to be a Masters or Senior Age Group swimmer, maybe next year you could be part of the team too.

Results can be viewed at ASA Cornwall website

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