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CCASA Sprint Champs 2014 Wk1

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01st and 02nd March 2014
Truro City make an impression at the first weekend of the County Championships 2014

Let’s kick off with some brilliant stats from Coach Emily Dart after the first weekend of the 2014 Cornwall County Champs.

• 205 swims including Finals
• 152 PBs (74%)
• 47 swims within 2% of PBs (97%)
• 4 County Best Times
• 7 County Champions from Finals (Junior/Senior)
• 28 Finals held and Truro was represented in 18
• 31 Regional Times (including improvements on regional times already achieved)
• 9 swimmers now have regional times:    
   o Age Groups:  Jodie Kotenko, Sam Norton, Nicholas Laws and Jack Rogers.  
   o Youths:  Susanna Laws, James Carpenter, Charlie Haynes, Matt Trewhella and Tom Bolt.   
• 2 swimmers knocking on the door of National Times

The Counties is, as ever, a highly anticipated event in the swimming calendar.   The Truro City Swimming Club swimmers have been training hard and competing in galas all year to secure their qualifying times at the County Champs.   The team came to the first weekend of Counties focused but smiling.  Team spirit was high and it was heart-warming to watch the swimmers supporting each other and enjoying the whole experience.    

Penzance were hosts for the first day of fast and furious swimming which kicked off with the girls 200m freestyle.   Some great pbs and tussles in the age groups with the first medal of the day coming from Megan Vingoe in a time of 2.33.75 for a well-earned bronze in the 11 year old girls.   A wonderful first place for Marisa Nicholls for the 15 year olds and a gutsy swim from Susanna Laws secured her place in the finals.   Isabelle Leigh swam super strongly and would have undoubtedly won a medal in her County debut race but suffered the heartbreak of being disqualified.   Boys up next and although there were no 9 year old contenders for the 200m breaststroke we had a plethora of sterling performances form the rest of the age groups.  PBs tumbled including Thomas Trebilcock’s monster 17 second pb for a time of 3.32.20 narrowly missing a medal with Rhys Blake and Finn Dungavel taking 5th and 6th for the 11 year olds gaining important points for the club.   We stocked up a pile of medals in this event, gold for Luke Barnsley in the 10 year olds, gold for Sam Norton in the 11s improving on his regional time with 3.16.19 and Mikey Pond taking a brilliant bronze.  Jack Rogers swam an awesome race and would have taken gold but it was yet another heart-wrenching DQ, Nicholas Laws took gold for the 13s, Oscar Davies silver for the 14s and James Carpenter silver for the 15 year olds.   Kelan Pascoe secured his place in the final for the 16 and over swimmers.  Some welcome points from the girls came in the 100m backstroke with Susanna Laws qualifying for another senior final.  The first session ended with the boys 100m butterfly and in this exciting set of races Nicholas Laws won silver for the 13 year olds, Oscar Davies bronze for the 14s and Charlie Haynes won his heat easily for the seniors with Matt Trewhella securing his place in the finals too.   

The second session, hosted by a team of eager volunteers from Truro City, started  with the girls 200IM with a trio of bronzes from our juniors, Mia Rule in the 10s narrowly missing silver, Megan Vingoe in the 11s just edging out her sister Bethany and Marisa Nicholls for the 15 year olds.  Susanna Laws secured yet another slot in the senior finals.  The boys followed with the 100IM and a haul of medals came from Alex Sim taking silver in his County debut for the 9 year olds, Luke Barnsley bronze for the 10s, Sam Norton silver and Mikey Pond bronze for the 11s with valuable points from Roddy Brookes and Thomas Trebilcock, silver for Tom Leigh for the 12s, gold for Nichols Laws with a County Best Time of 1.07.47 and bronze for Jack Rogers for the 13s and Charlie Haynes winning his heat for the seniors.  Impressive boys!   The girls 50m butterfly brought a welcome first medal after the morning disappointment for Isabelle Leigh in the 9 year olds to secure silver with a time of 40.40 fast enough to break the existing County Best Time.  Some strong swims from Beth Ireland and Mia Rule for the 10s, near misses for Megan Vingoe for the 11s and Amelia Ireland for the 12s with Jodie Kotenko notching up another fine swim and fifth placing.   The session ended with the ever-exciting splash-and-dash 50m freestyle for the boys and with the tightest of margins between swims medals could be won and lost.   Truro swam hard and fast here and medals came from Alex Sim in the 9 year olds with another silver, Mikey Pond’s fantastic gold for the 11s matched by Nicholas Laws gold for the 13s rounded off by James Carpenters silver for the 15s and Charlies Haynes ‘beasting’ his head to make finals along with team-mate Matt Trewhella.   

After a long but successful day for the club it was the ‘icing-on-the-cake’ time, the Junior and Senior finals.  Susanna Laws took 6th place in the senior 200m freestyle final.   The 200m breast Junior breaststroke final brought 2nd for Nicholas Laws and 3rd for James Carpenter, with Kelan Pascoe taking 6th for the Seniors.   The 100m butterfly final gave us a 5th in the Juniors from Nicholas Laws and a storming first for Charlie Haynes in the senior final with a new Championship time of 58.61 and a 4th spot for Matt Trewhella.   Susanna Laws came 4th in the 200IM Senior final.   Nicholas Laws came 3rd in the 100IM Junior final and Charlie Haynes won the Senior final.   The boys were up again to round off the first full day of Counties and Nicholas Laws completed a highly successful haul of medals with a third place in the Junior 50m freestyle finals and Charlie Haynes established himself as top male swimmer with a stunning win in the Senior final with Matt Trewhella in 6th both boys offering a thrilling finale to the day and providing such strong role models for the younger swimmers to look up to.   

The second day of Counties was a stormy, wet  one in Bodmin.   The first session began with the endurance swim, the boys 400m freestyle and some stunning pbs.   Aaron Martyn and Mikey Pond narrowly missed out on a bronze for the 10 and 11 year olds and James Carpenter taking silver for the 15 year olds.   The outstanding swims came from Nicholas Laws with a gold in a new Competition Best Time of 4.24.31 for the 13 year olds and Charlie Hayne’s winning gold in a monster time of 4.09.97 4 hundredths off a CBT for the Seniors with our senior trio completed by tom Bolt in 4th and matt Trewhella in 5th.   The girls 200m back brought another agonizing DQ for Isabelle Leigh in the 9 year olds but a bronze for Mia Rule in the 10s.   The 50m backstroke for the boys was a tightly timed affair with fast arms and hard kicking to bring Alex Sim his first County gold for the 9 year olds, silver for Luke Barnsley, bronzes for Sam Norton in the 11s and Tom Leigh in the 12s.   A stunning Competition Best Time came from Nicholas Laws in 30.42 for the 13s.   The heats were topped off with a competitive Senior heat with Charlie 2nd and Matt 6th to make yet another final.   The first session ended with the girls popular and  tough 100m freestyle, there were near medal misses for Megan Vingoe and Freya Hocking in the 11 year olds and Jodie Kotenko 5th again in the strong 13 year old age group and Marisa Nicholls 5th for the 15 year olds, all girls notching up valuable points for the club.  Susanna Laws came 3rd the Seniors and claimed another spot in a final.   

The second session saw the pool empty out slightly with some of the younger swimmers leaving for the day, 100m events are only open to 12-year-old boys and 11-year-old girls.   But first up was the grueling 400m IM for the girls and a terrific bronze for Megan Vingoe for the 11 year olds and a stirring 4th slot for Jodie Kotenko with a regional time in the 13s and Susanna Laws 5th in the Senior heats.   Equally challenging, next came the 200m butterfly for the boys and another gold for Nicholas Laws clocking up another Competition Best Time of 2.28.42 for the 13 year old, silver for Oscar Davies for the 14s topped off by a huge win for Charlie Haynes in his heat.  In the 50m girls breaststroke Isabelle Leigh won her first county gold for the 9 year olds followed by Mia Rule taking a stunning gold for the 10s 2 seconds ahead of her competition.   Susanna Laws who is swimming so many events for the club made yet another final .   The 100m boys breastroke brought a bronze for Tom Leigh in the 12 year olds and a well-deserved gold for Jack Rogers with a new Competition Best Time of 1.15.55 in the 13s with Nicholas Laws taking silver with bronzes fro Oscar Davies for the 14s and James Carpenter for the 15 year olds.   

So to the finals for the second day and 3rd place for Nicholas Laws in the 50m backstroke junior final.   Charlie Haynes came 2nd and Matt Trewhella 5th for the Seniors.  In the signature 100m freestyle Susanna Laws reigned supreme and won the Senior final in a tight and tense race to the finish.   Nicholas Laws and Charlie Haynes both won their 200m butterfly finals with Matt Trewhella in third.   Three boys broke the Championship Best Times in the Junior 100m breaststroke finals including Jack Rogers who came third with a time of 1.14.65 with James Carpenter in 4th, a first class way to finish the day.

The first weekend over and some stunning performances, heaps of medals, records gained and pbs smashed.   BRING ON WEEKEND 2!

For the first weekends results, the age group competition best times of which there are many and the current standings for the bagcat rankings are available to view on gala board or go the county web site at <Click Here>.

Article by Amanda Barnsley (Big thankyou to her)

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