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CCSA Development Gala 2015

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CCASA Development Gala 2015

The CCSASA Development Gala will be held on Saturday 21st November 2015, at Bodmin Draon Leisure Centre. Warm up begins at 12:30 for 13:00 start.

This is THE GALA for swimmers without times as you do not have to have any!  The age groups are 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 years & over for both boys and girls.  The gala is licenced to level 3.  Age is age on day 21st November 2015.  Do please take advice from your coach if you are unsure which events to enter. Closing Date for entries to Val is Weds 21st October.

Click here to download the Entry Form and Programme of Sessions and Events

Those with times please see below an extract from the Rules.  I do appreciate that the rules for this competition (like many others) are complicated so do please speak to me or email me if you are at all unsure.  

Please also note that when referring to the championships or age groups competition or intermediate gala they are the galas which took place this year 2015!

Individual events in the Development Gala:
C1a   Entry disqualification with respect to times. A swimmer who had achieved a qualifying time for an event in the  Cornwall County ( CC) championship /age group competition or  CC  intermediate gala in the same calendar year as the CC Development gala,  may not enter ANY event in the same years development gala, even if he or she did not enter or swim in either,  the CC championships /age groups competition or the CC intermediate gala.  Except where rule C1 b applies
C1b  A swimmer who was too young to enter the  CC championship / competition and  CC intermediate gala but who has since reached a permitted age to enter the  CC development gala, may enter the  CC development gala regardless of whether his or her time would have allowed entry to the  CC championship /age group or CC intermediate gala.

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