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9th July 2011
Cornwall "Big Swim" Event Dominated by Truro Swimmers ...

Saturday saw the inaugural "Big Cornwall Swim" event to be held on Stithians Lake, near Redruth. Hosted by Cornwall Council and sponsored by Aquaspehere and Cycle Logic the weather although overcast did not suppress the swimmers enthusiasm for the competition.

For many it was a first taste of open water swimming with both Junior and Senior members of Truro City Swimming Club attending.

First event of the day in the morning session was the junior (16 & under) competition. The grey skyline did little to encourage the competitors in to the water although the temperature was a little kinder at 17 degrees. In the first event it was Truro junior squad member Marissa Nicholls who set the standard for the others to follow, coming home 1st to win the event in 3:39 with team mate Georgia Christophers a respectable 5th in 4:18.

Next was the 400 metre race where truro team mates Charlie Haynes and Matt Trewella battled head to head from the start. Whilst Charlie pushed hard for success it was Matt who held his nerve and form on the back of winning the St Ives biathlon to secure another 1st place in 6:41 with Charlie just 19 seconds behind in 2nd place in a time of 7:00.

The afternoon session for the seniors not only saw the surface wind increase across the lake but also the course lengthen to make a circuit of 1500 metres. As the competitors entered the lake for a water start at the marker, conditions became even more challenging as the hooter sounded and the mass of competitors got under way with arms flailing and water frothing. Quickly into their rhythm it was Truro senior squad members Tom Bolt, Kay De Courcy and Josie Williams who got away from the pack by some distance. Settling into their form for the first half of the swim there was not much between them, but around the turning buoy it was Josie who faded first as Tom and Kay opened up a small gap taking the correct line to the finish in the final third of the race. As the battle for first ensued it was Tom Bolt who held off the challenge to secure a 1st place finish in 20:19, closely followed by Kay De Courcy in 20:29 and Josie Williams in 21:45 for a Truro 1,2,3.

The final race and biggest challenge of the day came with the last event. Again the course was lengthened to enable the course of 3800 metres to be completed. It would require the swimmers to complete 2 full circuits to cover the distance, from the start a small group of 3 swimmers pulled away. In the group were Truro swimmers Dave Bartlett and Jack Middleton both experienced over the distance but unaccustomed to the challenging wind which had now picked up across the lake. As the group turned for the upwind leg the lead changed hands many times with each taking turns to lead and work as a team into the wind.

However this team work did not last at the final turn in the home leg and it was Jack that struck for home first taking the line closest to the marker bouys, spread like red arrows in display formation each of the leading competitors tried to take a faster swim line to the shore and it was Dave bartlett who was first to exit the water a little down course and requiring a short sprint overland to cross the line and claim 1st place in 47:33. It was Jack again who suffered at the hands of the landlubber as 2nd place was secured with another short dash over land by a visiting competitor leaving Jack Middleton to exit the water on the line for 3rd in 47:44. Although the race for the leading places was fierce with only 9 seconds between 1st and 3rd Truro swimmer glory was not yet over as the leading the chasing pack was Natasha Diment who crossed the line in 6th overall but was the first lady home in a time of 55:54.

Finally the event was deemed a great success by all of those taking part and spectating  ........ food for thought .... maybe a water finish next time?

Well done to all those swimmers who took part and to the friends and parents shivering on the bank!

200 metres (Junior Event)
1st Overall/ 1st Girl - Marrissa Nicholls (3:39)
5th Overall/ 4th Girl - Georgia Christophers (4:18)

400 metres (Junior Event)
1st Overall/ 1st Boy - Matt Trewella (6:41)
2nd Overall/ 2nd Boy - Charlie Haynes (7:00)

1500 metres (Senior Event)
1st Overall/ 1st Boy - Tom Bolt (20:19)
2nd Overall/ 1st Girl - Kay De Courcy (20:29)
3rd Overall/ 2nd Girl - Josie Williams (21:45)

3800 metres (Senior Event
1st Overall/ 1st Boy - Dave Bartlett (47:33)
3rd Overall/ 3rd Boy - Jack Middleton (47:44)
6th Overall/ 1st Girl - Natasha Diment (55:54)

For the full results click HERE.

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