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Roll call of honour for first weekend champsters Luke Barnsley, Robert Brittle, Roddy Brookes, James Carpenter, Vivienne Carveth, India Castle, Zak Clemens, Oscar Davies, William Dewhurst, Abbie Downing, Euan Dungavel, Finn Dungavel, Jake Georgelin, Anya Hocking, Caitlin Keaney, Jodie Kotenko, Nicholas Laws,  Susanna Laws,  Isabelle Leigh, Tom Leigh, Maddison Lewis, Aaron Martyn, George Mitchell, Ben Norton, Sam Norton, Ben Parker, Tom Parker, Lily Parsons, Joss Pascoe, Mia Penberthy, Harry Polkinghorne, Mikey Pond, Samir Poppy, Jack Rogers, Mia Rule, Alex Sim, Hannah Stephens, Thomas Trebilcock and Matt Trewhella.

This year’s ASA Cornwall County Swimming Championships has heralded some huge changes for clubs and swimmers to take on board.   The largest shift has come from qualification for events changing from ‘age on day’ to ‘age by the 31 st December’, meaning the age you turn in any one year is the age you swim in regardless of whether you have a birthday at the start or end of the year.  The old age groups have also been altered scrapping 9 year olds for a combined 10/11 year old category. Finals have been added for age groups in 50m and 100m events.  

Junior and Senior Championships have been retained and trophies or medals are awarded to the first 6 swimmers in each event.  The seniors swim this in their finals but for the juniors these are worked out from all the ages 15 and under.

Competition Best Times (CBTs) are held for all events and all age groups.  Previous years CBTs have been archived and are shown on the programmes for reference only.  For 2016 new age group CBTs will be recorded in line with age groups 10/11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16&Over.  Junior and Senior Records will also start afresh.

Qualification times have also become tougher so making Counties is even more of an achievement than ever before. The Truro City swimmers stepped up to these challenges by swimming hard and fast and dominating some age groups, to finish the weekend with an impressive medal haul and plenty of pbs.   

Here’s the breakdown of stats:

  208 individual swims including Finals
  134 PBs
  67 swims within 2% of PBs
  1 County Champion from Senior Finals (Jack Rogers)
  1 County Champion from Junior Finals (Lily Parsons)
  39 Regional Consideration Times (including heats and finals)
  65 Regional Entry Times (including heats and finals)
  50% of the weekends swims at a regional standard
  16 Truro swimmers now have Regional Entry times and another 6 swimmers are knocking on the door with Consideration times

The first full day of racing began on Saturday 20 th February at the usual opening venue, Penzance Leisure Centre. The start of the ‘new’ format began with the girls tackling the monster 400IM and our valiant trio of Jodie, Mia Rule and Hannah Stephens joined the brave few to swim strongly with Mia claiming the first medal of the day, a bronze for the 13 year olds.  Next up the 200m breaststroke and a dominance of golds for Truro City which saw a win for Harry Polkinghorne for the 10/11s with Samir Poppy taking bronze, golds for Alex Sim for the 12s and Luke Barnsley for the 13s with a full house of medals here with Mikey Pond taking silver and Thomas Trebilcock bronze, Sam Norton for the 14s continued the golden streak giving him a splendid 4 th place Junior Championship award with brother Ben Norton taking 6 th spot in the Junior Championship awards, topped off by a win for Jack Rogers, making him overall Senior Champion, and silver for Nicholas Laws both swimming up in the Senior 16 and over category. That concluded the short first session and heralded the arrival of a significant number of swimmers which pumped up the atmosphere for the busier second session.

The girls started with the 200m freestyle and for the 10/11s Anya Hocking secured gold with silver for training partner Abbie Downing with Isabelle Leigh sped to silver in the 13s.  The 50m backstroke heats provided the first sprint opportunity for the boys followed by the 100m butterfly for girls, both events offering a chance to qualify in the top 6 to take part in the finals for age groups and seniors which would decide the medal standings.  At the end of the heats qualifying swimmers were announced and for some this would be their first exciting and possibly nerve-racking experience of a Final, also a chance to improve seedings.  Team Truro, parents in the stands and swimmers at lane ends, cheered their swimmers on adding to the thrilling atmosphere.  In the 10/11 year old boys Harry Polkinghorne raced to silver, George Mitchell bronze and Zak Clemens in 5 th. In the 12 year olds Alex Sim secured bronze and Jake Georgelin came 5 th. In the 13 year olds Thomas Trebilcock claimed bronze, Luke Barnsley 4 th and Aaron Martyn 6 th.  The 14 year olds brought silver for Tom Parker with a 5 th spot for Robert Brittle.   In the 15 year olds Ben Norton came 6 th.  The seniors smashed it for a silver to Nicholas Laws and joint 4 th for Jack Rogers.   The 100m butterfly finals saw a silver for Anya Hocking and bronze for Abbie Downing in the 10/11s, in the 12s Maddison Lewis came 6 th, Mia Rule claimed bronze for the 13s and Lily Parsons stormed to gold in the 15s and became overall Junior Champion.   

The afternoon session began later than planned with a trio of heats for the boys 100m breaststroke, girls 100m IM and the popular 50m freestyle.  The Finals brought the first full day of our new-look and feel Counties to an end with fabulous results and a ramping up of the atmosphere to secure yet more success for Truro. In the 100m breaststroke 10/11s Harry Polkinghorne collected yet more hardware romping to another gold, In the 12s William Dewhurst as the only swimmer pushed himself hard to take an assured gold but clock up a great time, in the 13s Mikey Pond took gold, Luke Barnsley bronze and Thomas Trebilcock came 4 th. In the 14s Sam Norton streaked to gold, making 4 out of 4 in the age groups so far, also receiving a splendid 4 th Junior Championship award, Ben Norton came 4 th for the 15s following his brother on the rostrum for 5 th in the Junior Championship and Jack Rogers in a tight finish took bronze in the Senior Championship.   The all-rounder 100m IM sprint off Final gave Anya Hocking in the 10/11s another gold with Abbie Downing in 5 th, Silver for Isabelle Leigh in the 12s, bronze for Mia Rule in the 13s and 6 th for Jodie Kotenko in the tough Senior Championship. A perfect way to end the day with the 50m freestyle finals for the boys.   Harry Polkinghorne for the 10/11s made it gold again with George Mitchell in 4 th, Silver for Alex Sim in the 12s, Joint Bronze for Mikey Pond and Thomas Trebilcock in the 13s, Bronze for Robert Brittle, 5 th for Tom Parker and 6 th for Finn Dungavel in the 14s and a finale final for the Seniors with a close touch Silver for Nicholas Laws – great end to a great day that had definitely over-run but had delivered some stellar swimming.   

So to Bodmin on the Sunday and Team Truro were raring to go.   The testing 200 IM brought a golden start to the day for Anya Hocking in the 10/11s with a bronze for Abbie Downing. Isabelle Leigh took silver for the 12s, Mia Rule bronze for the 13s and Jodie Kotenko 5 th in the Senior Championship.   The boys followed with the 400m freestyle and Harry Polkinghorne for the 10/11s took gold, Thomas Trebilcock made it gold for the 13s with Aaron Martyn taking silver, Robert Brittle made it silver for the 14s with the bonus of a 5 th place Junior Championship award and Nicholas Laws in the Senior Championship claimed bronze with Euan Dungavel in 5 th.  The next session filled up and with no takers from the girls for the gruelling 200m butterfly we moved onto the 100m backstroke heats for the boys and 50m breaststroke heats for the girls.   In the 100m backstroke finals it was a stunning full house of silvers across all age groups and into the seniors.   In the 10/11 boys 4 out of 6 were Truro boys, Harry Polkinghorne silver, Zak Clemens bronze, George Mitchell in 4 th and Samir Poppy in 6 th.  In the 12s Jake Georgelin silver and Alex Sim bronze.   In the 13s Luke Barnsley silver and Aaron Martyn came 5 th.   In the 14s Tom Parker silver and a 6 th place award in the Junior Championship from his preliminary heat time and Sam Norton came 5 th.   In the 15s Ben Norton silver and a 2 nd place award in the Junior Championship with and seniors Nicholas Laws sealing the full set of silvers with Jack Rogers in 4 th  in the Senior Championship.   The 50m breaststroke finals offered an exciting end to the session with Anya Hocking for the 10/11s taking another gold with Abbie Downing in 6 th.   Isabelle Leigh collected silver in the 12s followed by a silver for Mia Rule and a bronze for Hannah Stephens in the 13s, Vivienne Carveth took bronze in the 14s and Jodie Kotenko a strong 4 th in the Senior Championship.

The last session of the first Counties weekend began with the boys 200m backstroke and a quartet of silvers: Zak Clemens in the 10/11s, Luke Barnsley in the 13s with a bronze for Thomas Trebilcock, back to silver for Ben Norton in the 15s and Nicholas Laws for the seniors.  Ben Norton came 2 nd in the Junior Championship awards and Tom Leigh 6 th.  Heats came for the girls with the 100m freestyle and the 50m butterfly for the boys.   The 100m freestyle finals for the girls saw Anya Hocking in the 10/11s finish her weekend with a gold on the touch, another close finish for Isabelle Leigh coming 4 th, 5 th for Mia Rule in the 13s and Susanna Laws coming 4 th in the Senior Championship.  The 50m butterfly for the boys ensured a thrilling end to the first Counties weekend.   For the 10/11s Harry Polkinghorne ended his successful weekend with another gold and George Mitchell in 6 th, for the 12s Jake Georgelin took bronze, Mikey Pond took gold, Thomas Trebilcock silver and Aaron Martyn came 6 th in the 13s, In the 14s Robert Brittle took silver, Tom Parker 4 th and Sam Norton 6 th with Robert earning a 4 th place award in the Junior Championship with Nicholas Laws finishing in 5 th for the Senior Championship.  Excellent swimming and great team spirit. First weekend over, more to come, I can’t wait.   

Special mention must go to our intrepid Truro swimmers who competed at the County Distance Championships on 7 th February in Bodmin where Jodie Kotenko bagged a bronze for the seniors 16 and over, Alex Sim gold for the 12s, a Truro one two for the 13s with Aaron Martyn taking gold and Thomas Trebilcock silver, Sam Norton claimed silver for the 14s with brother Ben claiming gold for the 15s and Nicholas Laws taking silver in the seniors.  

Special thanks goes to the invaluable guidance and support of Head Coach Emily Dart and her coaching team with key support from Team Manager Mark Norton, the committee not to mention all swim parents and helpers.    


Results have been emailed to members, published on the Cornwall ASA website and on the ASA Rankings

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