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Intermediate Gala 2016

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A very successful day for the Truro team with a whole hoard of superb swims. A couple of swimmers even managed to secure County entry times for 2016.” Head Coach Emily Dart

Roll call of honour for the Cornwall County ASA Intermediate Gala, the champsters were: Evie Bishop-Pell, Roddy Brookes, Joely Carter, Vivienne Carveth, Sky Clemens, Zak Clemens, Charlotte Corbett, Kiera Downing, Charlotte Drew, Finn Dungavel, William Dewhurst, Ben Edwards, Ella Finlay, Jake Georgelin, Laura James, Olivia James,  Matthew Lamb, Sienna Le Moine, Lewis Maddison, Maisie Miles, Devlan Nickelson-Hudson, Mia Penberthy, Katie Smith, Sky Trevena and Chloe Walker.

This year the Cornwall County ASA Intermediate Gala held at Penzance Leisure Centre was a buzzing busy affair and for those Truro City champsters who had hit the tight qualification targets it was a highly competitive meet.   For some Truro swimmers this was their first big gala experience and for others it provided a chance to swim in extra events from those they had already competed in at the Counties.  In a long day of fast and furious swimming Team Truro came away with pbs and medals aplenty.

The first session began with the Girls 100IM and a stunning silver for Sky Trevenna swimming for the 9s. 11 year olds and above swam the 200IM and for the 12s Maddison Lewis took a triumphant gold, followed by a hard-fought silver for Charlotte Drew in the 13s,  The boys followed with the 200m freestyle and a supertight result for Roddy Brookes snatching silver with 2.27.08 and Finn Dungavel taking bronze with 2.27.88 for the 14s.   The 50m backstroke sprint for the girls brought Sky Trevenna her second medal, a bronze for the 9s, a strong swim from Maisie Miles saw her just pipped to a medal in 4th for the 10s, the 11 year olds swam 100m backstroke and 3 Truro girls for the 11s brought bronze for Mia Penberthy, 4th for Chloe Walker and 5th for Evie Bishop-Pell, Charlotte Drew sealed gold in a tight placing for the top 3 in the 13s all on 1.21.  For the boys 100m breaststroke Matthew Lamb swam to an impressive silver in the 13s and Finn Dungavel touched to an emphatic gold in the 14s. For the 9s Sky Trevenna made it a trio of medals so far with silver in the 50m butterfly.  For the 14s swimming 100m butterfly Vivienne Carveth swam to silver.   With the ever popular 100m freestyle Jake Georgelin smashed to bronze for the 12s,  Matthew Lamb took bronze for the 13s and Finn Dungavel for the 14s took a superb gold.  The session ended with the older girls 100m IM and Chloe Walker for the 11s swam brilliantly for silver with a strong 4th spot for Katie Smith, Laura James continued the Truro surge with a fabulous silver in the 13s and this was rounded off with a Truro double with sister Olivia James taking silver and Charlotte Corbett taking bronze for the 15s.   A great way to finish with the promise of more exciting performances to come.

The second session provided another stunning set of results for Truro.   Zak Clemens kicked things off with gold for the 11s in the 200 IM, Jake Georgelin took bronze in the 12s,  Matthew Lamb a close medal spot with 4th for the 13s and more gold for Finn Dungavel in the 14s with a clear win in 2.46.09.   In the 200m freestyle for the girls Katie Smith sealed silver for the 11s with a strong 4th for Chloe Walker, Charlotte Drew stormed to gold in the 13s and Charlotte Corbett made it bronze for the 15s. In the boys 100m backstroke Matthew Lamb took bronze in the 13s and in the 14s Roddy Brookes swam to a tremendous gold with Finn Dungavel adding to his medal haul with silver.  In the 50m breaststroke Sky Trevena added to her silvers and in the 100m breaststroke Mia Penberthy sealed bronze in the 11s and Charlotte Corbett silver for the 15s.  In the 100m freestyle Katie Smith was victorious with a clear winning gold in the 11s, the dynamic duo in the 13s saw Charlotte Drew add to her golds and Laura James add silver to her collection.  In the 100m IM Zak Clemens ended the session as he began with gold for the 11s and our last two medals of the day were taken by Finn Dungavel taking gold and Roddy Brookes bronze.  


Results are published on the Cornwall ASA website : session 1  and session 2

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