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Newquay Open 2016

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Team Truro swimmers were:   Tiegan Allan, Luke Barnsley, William Dewhurst, Abbie Downing, Charlotte Drew, Jowen Dupuy, Laura James, Sienna Le Moine, Maddison Lewis, Aaron Martyn, Maisie Miles, Devlan Nickelson-Hudson, Mia Penberthy, Mikey Pond, Samir Poppy, Lilian Roche, Leyton Salmon, Alex Sim, Katie Smith, Sky Trevena, Chloe Walker and Celeste Woodall.

The Newquay Cormorants Open Meet held on Sunday 8th May at the Bodmin Leisure Centre provided a great day of racing for young swimmers aged 9 to 13.   This popular gala had the added benefit of offering finals for the top 6 qualifiers in the 50m events with additional trophies to age group medals.   For some Truro City swimmers this was their first ‘serious’ gala in which they could aim for pbs and the chance to secure qualification times for future competitions.   

The day was made up of two packed swimming sessions that ran smoothly with a fantastic atmosphere.   In the morning the girls 50m breaststroke kicked off the competition with Truro’s medal campaign begun with a brilliant bronze for the 9s from Devlan Nickelson-Hudson followed by a stunning silver for Mia Penberthy for the 10s.   The boys swam strongly in their 50m breaststroke heats and with tantalizing 4th spots for Samir Poppy for the 10s and William Dewhurst for the 11s Mikey Pond sealed gold for the 13s with a storming swim qualifying as first seed for the finals.   The 200m freestyle saw some close medal calls for the girls and brought a well-earned silver for Aaron Martyn for the 13 year olds.   In the 50m backstroke
strong swimming from Celeste Woodall, Mia Penberthy, and Maisie Miles who came a close 4th for the 10s followed a duo of bronzes for Maddison Lewis for the 11s and Charlotte Drew for the 12s.     In the 50m backstroke heats the girls swam solid heats and for the boys Mikey Pond qualified as fifth seed for another Final.   No takers for the girls 200m butterfly and for this monster race Mikey Pond swam a huge pb to take silver for the 13s with a close call in 4th for Aaron Martyn.   In the girls 100m IM Maddison Lewis for the girls touched to bronze. The first session ended with the 50m finals for breaststroke and backstroke.   Mikey Pond swam to a stunning gold in the 50m breaststroke improving his earlier pb from the heats and taking 5th spot in the 50m backstroke finals with hardly chance to draw breath from the breaststroke final.  

The afternoon session lost some swimmers, brought new ones and kept those who were in it for the full day.   Alex Sim took gold in the 100m IM for 11 year olds and Mikey Pond added to his medal haul with a silver for the 13s.   In the fast and furious 50m freestyle heats Charlotte Drew gained a hard-fought silver for the 12 year old girls.   Alex Sim smashed to silver and Leyton Salmon to bronze for the 11 year old boys and Luke Barnsley sealed gold for the 12s with a time that qualified him for the final.   Mikey Pond took bronze for the 13s and secured his spot alongside teammate Luke in the final.   The 200m breaststroke for the girls brought some strong swimming with excellent pbs from Sienna Le Moine and Katie Smith in the 10s just missing medal spots.   For the boys Samir Poppy came 4th for the 10s and with a strong trio of 11 year olds Truro made it 1, 2, 3 with Alex Sim taking gold, William Dewhurst silver and Leyton Salmon bronze.    In the 50m butterfly heats for the girls Sky Trevena gained bronze for the 9s and Mia Penberthy silver for the 10s.   The boys brought a gold for Luke Barnsley for the 12s and another qualification slot in the final. Mikey Pond was the clear winner for gold in the 13s and made it to 4 finals out of 4.   The last 200m event of the day was the backstroke and near medal misses for Charlotte Drew in the 12s, Samir Poppy and Jowen Dupuy for the 10s, Leyton Salmon for the 11s and Aaron Martyn for the 13s whilst Alex Sim added to his impressive medal haul with a bronze for the 11s.   The finals for the 50m freestyle saw an exciting sprint off with all boys qualifying within a hairs breath of each other on time with Mikey Pond taking bronze and Luke Barnsley 4th.   Again, with a swift turnaround and just enough time to shake off goggles and run round, the 50m butterfly final saw a storming win for Mikey Pond and another 4th spot for Luke Barnsley.  

A fabulous days racing, great team spirit and superb atmosphere.    Big thank you to head coach Emily Dart, and her invaluable coaching team.  

Keep training hard and enjoy racing!

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