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Frequently Asked Questions

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Code of Behaviour

At all times swimmers are expected to:

  • - Be polite and helpful to trainers, pool-side staff, parent helpers and fellow swimmers.

  • - Do as they are instructed first time and always behave sensibly

  • - Be kind to each other and encourage others to follow the code

  • - Look after their own belongings and respect others property

  • - Keep the pool-side and changing rooms tidy and litter free

Swimmers who do not observe the code may be:

  • - Reminded of the code by the trainer

  • - Asked to leave the pool for the rest of the session by the trainer and issues discussed with parents

  • - Be referred to the committee

  • - Receive a written warning from the committee

  • - In exceptional circumstances be suspended from the club for a specific period of time

  • - If there is no improvement in behaviour have their membership withdrawn

Truro Swimming Club will do all it can to:

  • - Safeguard and promote the interests and well being of children with whom it is working.

  • - Take all reasonable steps to protect them from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment.

  • - Respect members individual rights, wishes and feelings

  • - Protect members from bullying

Expectations of Parents
Parents are in partnership and an essential part of Truro City Swimming Club. Parents are expected to:

  • - Ensure their children are at the poolside in good time for their session.

  • - Be responsible for their children in the changing rooms

  • - Ensure they are ready to collect children as they leave the changing areas.

  • - Ensure the club and trainers are aware of any medical or health conditions, which may affect their child.

  • - Parents must provide an emergency contact number, be available at the pool or at the given number.

  • - Support the swimming club and encourage their children to follow the code of behaviour and assist in their understanding of the clubs anti bullying policy and child protection procedures.

  • - Support the swimming club at galas.

Partnership with Parents Policy
A Pledge to Parents:

  • - Parents are welcome at swimming club sessions at all times.

  • - We aim to keep all parents constantly informed of their child’s progress, training techniques, fees, fund raising events by various means of communication both verbal and written.

  • - We will ensure that all aspects of the child’s achievements, progress and experiences will be shared and discussed with parents. Under no circumstances will we release any personal information.

  • - Permission will be sort for Video or photographic opportunities.

  • - We will always be ready to listen to parents’ views and opinions to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of children and parents.

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