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Frequently Asked Questions

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Types of Competition

Basically there are two types of competition:

These are competitions where Club swimmers enter individually using their previously achieved personal best time for each stroke and distance. The types of Open Meet vary according to the capabilities of the swimmers expected to attend and are now generally licensed to one of four categories (License Levels 1 to 4).

Levels of Open Meets
There will be four tiers of structured competition. Open Meets will be licensed according to the purpose of their competition as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Level 1 (L1) is aimed at National qualifiers, or swimmers close to National qualification, looking for opportunities to achieve National qualifying times. These meets will have qualifying times for entry, which will be just below the national times. (see Section on Qualifying Times and Upper Limit Times)

Level 2 (L2)
is aimed at District qualifiers and will have qualifying times and upper limit times. Access to the ASA ranking information could be used to enable meet organisers to verify that entry times submitted by swimmers fall within the stated range.

Level 3 (L3) is for Club swimmers who looking for county qualifying times and again would have qualifying and upper limit times set at an appropriate level. These meets would provide a programme throughout the year to support the requirements of swimmers below District level.

Level 4 (L4)
is intended that the system of licensing may ultimately develop to include a fourth level for club swimmers and those beginning competition through initiatives such as Active Sports.

National qualifying times are accepted from meets licensed at Level 1 & 2 District qualifying times are accepted from meets licensed at Level 1, 2 & 3

Truro City currently competes in two league competitions - The National Speedo League and the West Devon and Cornwall league.

Truro City will sometimes have an invite from another club or put on a team gala to compete against other clubs. This is usually for the younger swimmers. You will be informed and teams are posted on the notice board so make sure your name is ticked if you wish to attend.

As with Open Meets, Galas can be aimed at swimmers of differing age groups and capabilities so the selection policy will vary accordingly.

However, competing for Truro City Swimming club should be seen as a privilege and so the Club expects swimmers to ensure they are available when selected.

Competition Day

When attending a competition don’t take your training equipment.

Swimmers must take their swimming kit - costumes, towels, hats, goggles and entry cards if the meet is run with cards. Plus club shirts, hats and tracksuits if you have them.

Always carry spare goggles and hats as they may be needed at the last minute - goggles break and hats tear.

Take a bag (to hold drinks, snacks, a towel and swimming gear) to be used on pool side. Space on the pool side is limited, so swimmers will not always be allowed to take large kit bags onto the pool side.

Swimmers will require food and drink for the period of time they are at the competition.

On arrival at the competition venue, swimmers must post their cards if the meet is run with cards./ If there are no cards the swimmer may have to sign in prior to warm up. Often the boxes (for posting the cards) are formally closed at the start of warm-up – please listen for announcements.

If the cards are not posted in time, swimmers may not be able to compete.

Having posted their cards, swimmers get changed and wait on poolside for warm-up.

For Open Meets that have been approved by the Club, a Team Manager/Coach will be present to supervise the event (subject to a minimum number of swimmers taking part), but he/she may not be your squad's coach.

The Team Manager/Coach will advise the swimmer when it is time for their race.

Having completed a race the swimmers must report back to their Team Manager/Coach.

Swimmers should not leave poolside until they have finished swimming their entered events during each session and then, they must check with the Team Manager/Coach before leaving.

When you arrive at a swim competition you will usually be asked for payment to enter and watch the races.

A programme, listing the swimmers that have entered for each event, is usually available. The programme may be included with the admission fee but is sometimes sold separately.

It is advisable to attend a competition with provisions for the day - some pools have a good cafeteria, but that can be expensive. Some pools have very limited eating and drinking facilities, so it is advisable to go prepared.

You should be prepared for a long wait! Often a session can be between 2-3 hours, during which your child may only be in the water for a couple of minutes.

You may be allowed to use a camera or video-camera at galas; however you will be expected to declare your intention to carry out any form of photography when you enter the pool and to provide your name and address.

This includes using mobile phones with in-built cameras. This is primarily for Child Protection as well as Health and Safety reason.

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